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Secure Cloud Printing... Made Easy

Secure Your Office Printing. Reduce Your Costs & Waste. Reduce Your IT Infrastructure.

What is the most important and hard to achieve goals when it comes to data in your organization? Security! You can can make it happen with Sentry Print Services. Bring secure cloud printing to your entire organization, eliminate your print servers, and stop the daily grind of managing print queues and print drivers. And to take it one step further, join the power of Sentry Print Services with the world-class analytics of Beacon, and you will be providing your organization with the world's most complete and comprehensive print management solution.

Pharos Sentry Print Services

Pharos Sentry Print Services

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Take advantage of the easy-to-install Sentry Print Services and secure pull printing via the cloud and join what many business leaders are doing today. With support for most printers, ease of installation across one or many locations, and proven ability to reduce operational costs, you will quickly find that print as a service puts you on the fast track to improved print security and efficiency. 

Let's get started today and make print work for you!

Here's what Sentry Print Services can bring to your organization...

  • Data protection & waste reduction via secure printing workflows

  • Elimination of print servers and reduction of print queues & drivers

  • Automatic updates for solution components

  • Compatibility with most printers and MFD's

  • Track printing metrics throughout entire organization

  • Deploy to one or multiple locations with simplicity and speed

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