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Beacon Cloud Print Analytics

Actionable Office Printing Analytics for Cost Reduction and Improved Efficiency

How can you successfully manage something that you can't see? The short answer is that you can't! Your office printing environment is no different. To be successful in managing it, you need the ability to see everything clearly and in full. Real-time and on-demand data and analytics are the key to unlocking your ability to manage your print environment efficiently, and this goes for everyone from small businesses to global enterprises. Let MDS and Beacon be your stepping stone to a more secure, cost-effective, and sustainable print environment... make print work for you!

Beacon will allow your organization to gather and analyze data and draw important insights that will guide you to developing the best print strategy for your environment. There are many ways that the right view into the right data can help; analytics to drive down costs and support an ongoing effort, security through a pull printing solution with an emphasis on mobile support, or proper fleet management data to streamline vendor relations and simplify the process. The first step begins with Beacon. With a quick, simple installation, you will have a live look at your data within minutes right from your web browser.

Pharos Beacon Analytics

Pharos Beacon Analytics

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Business leaders and IT managers are striving to make a real impact in their organizations and are doing so by taking control of their print environments with the Beacon cloud print management platform. Through more than 20 years of experience and innovation, the Beacon platform was designed to simplify your efforts in reducing operational expenditures. Contact MDS to get the journey started today!

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